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יום ראשון, 18 בדצמבר 2011

Moving Tips By Usa Relocation Group,Inc

Moving Tips : (Usa Relocation Group,Inc) Click Here For A FREE Moving Quote

 Your Rights & Responsibilities:

Usa Relocation Group know that you are entrusting us with the responsibility of your valued belongings and we want you to be able to make the most educated decision during this stressful time in your life. Hence, we have put the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's consumer protection regulation documents on our Web Site to provide you additional information related to your relocation. By law every company is required to give you the consumer access to this information. Click Here for more info

  Moving Check list:

We are at Usa relocation gruop have created a check list and a planning guide, which will be helpful to you while planning your relocation. We have made this information over of the course of many years of experience in the moving industry. This checklist provides all the information that will be beneficial for all your moving needs.

  Packing Supplies:

Use only strong, corrugated cartons with covers. If needed We can supply you with all kind cartons, for everything you need from mattresses to clothing and mirrors. The added protection of mover-provided cartons may avoid damage that results from the use of poor-quality packing materials.

Your alternative is to collect boxes discarded by your *grocery or liquor store.

  Packing Guide:

Once you have your boxes and packing supplies, use our packing advice and packing checklists to pack everything properly so your belongings arrive at your destination intact.

IMPORTANT TIP: Label all boxes so it's easy to put them in the right room when you get there.

  No go items:

Dangerous Items:All items that are considered flammable,hazardous,corrosive or explosive are dangerous and illegal for movers to transport.If you have dangerous items give them to your neighbors or friends if they could use them, or call your local recycling company, fire station, the closest Environmental Protection Agency Office to find out how you can properly dispose of these items.

  Other info pages:

Usa Relocation Group would like to protect you from any kind of issues with your mover during the relocation.We reccomend on a few websites so it will be easy for you to handle your move as safe as possible.

The Better Business Bureau

FMCSA -(Federal motor carrier safety administration)

AMSA -(American moving and storage assocation)

DOT -(Department of transpotaion)

  Terms and condition:

Sometimes, you may the find the relocation of goods a very strenuous activity. A moving can be complicated because every relocation requires a bill of lading/contract, inventory, order of service and other various documents. Therefore, we have taken the time to define relocation terms in order to help simplify the process on the day of your move.

  Auto transport info:

Usa Relocation group can help you move your car safe and smooth.Please feel free to visit our Auto transport tips by Clicking Here

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